Monday, April 30, 2012

More Baby Cuteness

Savannah got this sombrero from Chevy's the other night when we went out for her birthday dinner. It was one of those things when they come to your table and sing and all, she loves that. Ever since we got this hat, it's been a favorite of the babies! Silly babies. On the "silly baby" note, I just wanted to note here how absolutely darling these babies are together. They have such a close bond and it is such a privilege to see them interact the way they's very similar to what I'd expect if they were actually twins, other than the fact that Aaron uses his larger size to dominate Lilah, which does not please her in the slightest. Last night Lilah was fussy and wanting to go to bed, but I had a couple of things I needed to do to get her ready, so I put her on the floor with her bottle. She picked it up and Aaron came into the room with HIS bottle. He sat down next to her and grabbed a light up toothbrush that was on the floor and made it start flashing it's light. He stuck it to the floor with the suction cup it has on the end of it...and he and Lilah sat there contentedly sucking on their bottles and watching the toothbrush. It was SO darling. They were both happy until we were able to get them to bed. It's so sweet how they entertain each other.


Karen said...

So sweet!

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

He really is, and I just love how he's grabbing his footies!