Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Better Week.

Yes it's still busy here...barely enough time to breathe, but things have been much better. I've switched brands of birth control pills I've been taking and I'm not sure if it really has helped, but I think my hormones are more leveled out now and that definitely helps with the overwhelm! I was starting to think, either my character is COMPLETELY flawed, or I need some happy pills! I know a womans hormones can definitely do a number on her though, and the fact that I'm still technically post-partum leads me to believe that a lot of my "issues" are hormonal! Anyway, I'm feeling better now, leaning on the Lord more, although definitely NOT enough. It's weird how I seem to think that that's just one MORE thing to add into the daily "stuff", but really, without my daily time with the Lord, without CONSTANT prayer for wisdom, patience and strength...I cannot make it through the day successfully. Yes, I can make it through the day, but it'll be one of those days when I notice my windows and door are open and cringe because I'm sure the entire neighborhood just heard me "gently" chastising my children. Oh, I'm always gentle!! Hahaha...Uh Huh!

Anyway, with much encouragement from my friend, AmyBeth...and much prayer as well, I'm re-evaluating the way we're homeschooling. I mentioned it before, but things are somewhat coming together to make that happen. We're still doing the same math, we're still doing handwriting (although a bit different from day to day) and we're still doing reading--just less and more focused lessons. I'm integrating more read-alouds into our daily routine, more character development stuff and *cringe* I need to add Bible study into our DAILY lesson. Yes, I do admit (albeit VERY shamefully) that Bible has fallen by the wayside. It's not that I don't love doing it with the children and they love it as's that Savannah is at a higher level than Abby and I want to do it with both of course what I need to do is Bible from BOTH levels. The girls have also started AWANA, so they have their weekly memory verses from that that we can throw into the mix. Savannah is now a Sparky and after MUCH nervousness and pleas of "Mommy, I changed my mind...I want to stay in Cubbies", she's thrilled to be a big Sparky. Abby is back in Cubbies and is excited because Kaeden is in it with her...yes, that's the Kaeden who woke us all up a few weeks ago at 6:45am. I'm happy to have my Wednesday nights back again where I can have coffee, go to the mall or have a "date" with Jeremy (and Luke of course) while the girls have AWANA. It's wonderful
The girls are riding their bikes like fiends lately. It's so great! I can finally go on walks with them where I ACTUALLY get some exercise!! I put Luke in the stroller--he loves walks--and we take off to the park, around the block or to the library. The girls need to get into a bit better shape because it IS hard work (strangely Abby is in better shape than Savannah...either that or she's just more stubborn and determined--hmmm...yes, that's probably it!) but don't we all need to get into better shape? Savannah can actually ride Jeremy's electric Razor scooter. It goes pretty fast and it's so funny to see her zooming past! She's got the throttle and brakes down pretty well. What a big kid!

Jeremy just walked in the door--finally home from work at 9:45pm and I said, "Can you believe that September is almost over?" to which he replied, "I CAN' life feels like it's been on TURBO!". NO JOKE! I was just thinking earlier this evening...this is the time in my life where I wish all of the wonderful gems of each day could be recorded so that later in my life, when things slow down and I'm able to sit with a cup of coffee and reflect and enjoy each day, I could watch these memorable moments and enjoy them because right now, it's very hard to find the time to stop and enjoy the moment. Of course, there are those sweet, precious times (like today) where we spread a blanket on the grass, lay on our tummies and read a couple of books together outside. We do find the time to stop in the afternoon and sip tea and share a few moments together as a family. But the days FLY by, the months even slip through my fingers...where does the time go??? It's kind of sad because I know these are truly the sweetest years of our lives...watching these little blessings grow and learn...and I know these will be the times we reflect on and reminisce about in the future...I need to remind myself daily to take time during EACH day to enjoy the sweet moments as they come...and then RUN inside and jot them in my journal so I don't forget one more funny, insightful thing the children say or do.

Quick notes:
Luke has been rolling over. Not super often, but he's done it a number of times now. The other day he was in his crib and he started crying and I thought he had rolled. I went up and the poor guy had pulled a blanket over his face and couldn't escape!! Poor must be tough to be so silly!

He has also discovered his FEET! He's been grabbing at them like crazy and has managed to get them into his mouth a few times...I'm sure he'll just get better and better at that one!

Luke can sit up pretty well, although I wouldn't leave him on his own...he still leans WAAAYYYY forward and is rather tippy, but he's definitely got the strength!

Luke LOVES animals! Every time he sees a critter he goes crazy. He gets all shaky and crazy and squeals and talks to it. His favorite is when they finally give him a good lick in the face!!

Luke always smiles and coos and squeals when other children are crying. I don't know if he is trying to make them feel better, because it is rather funny the way he does it, like he's trying to get their attention or something, or if he just plain thinks it's funny that they're crying. Either way, Abby gets all upset when he laughs when she's crying...she thinks he's "making fun" of her!

I hope that's all...I know it's not, but that's all my sorry brain can remember at 10pm!! Time to go to bed!

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