Thursday, September 27, 2007

How I FINALLY potty-trained Abby.

This is going to be quick, but in case anyone is reading this and needs the tip, here we go.
Abby has been "potty-trained" for a L-O-N-G time. The problem is that she wet herself CONSTANTLY! Gee, sounds terribly potty trained to me!! Hahaha. She would get busy and just go...not a lot, but enough to be gross and stinky and cause the sand in the sand box to stick to her nether-regions and look really bad!!

I was at my wits end and didn't know what to do, so here's the idea I had. This was along with my dad telling her she couldn't go to Tahoe with them and go on the boat and stay at a hotel if she was wetting herself--not to mention the fact that she's ALMOST 4 and it's about STINKING time that she "got" it...but anyway, here's the idea...and it's working for a LOT of bad habits!!

Each time she went potty on HER OWN (without me having to take her because it's really annoying to drop what you're doing to take a child who can very well go potty on her own) and her pants were dry, I'd give her a nickel (not too much money on my part and she doesn't really understand money too much anyway, it was more exciting to just HAVE the money than to worry about what she was going to do with it). If she was wet, I'd TAKE a nickel. I have to say, it took about a week and she had a jar full of nickels and my dirty laundry no longer reeked of urine! Horray!!

It's also worked with her addiction to her pacifier...she still sleeps with it but had gotten into the bad habit of taking it downstairs with her and leaving it in weird places so I had to hunt for it before bed...and she'd cling to it as long as possible and she's just TOO DARN OLD FOR THAT!! So I started giving her a nickel each time she came downstairs from bed with NO paci! She's EXCELLENT with it now. It took 1 crying/screaming fest and it's a done deal. It's also been good with keeping her in bed once I've tucked her in at night--no 20 trips to the bathroom, trips downstairs because she had a "bad dream". She's been very good about it.

Today I took away a nickel for each shoe of the girls I found outside...I'm tired of them leaving their shoes outside. We'll see if that one worked!! Hahaha!!

Now the difficulty is finding more thing Savannah can EARN nickels for. I need to start a chore chart...just another thing that's been on my TO DO list for AGES and has yet to be completed! Just like GOING TO BED!!!!

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