Monday, September 3, 2007

I've got Wii fever!

Now I understand why these things are flying off the shelves! We were lucky enough to get one from the Coast Guard exchange (retail price with NO TAX!) a few days ago. Jeremy and I started bowling in the evening the other night and it's such a blast!! I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly SORE I am. It's such a great workout, you'd never guess!! I'd definitely, definitely recommend the Wii to anyone, it's SO MUCH FUN, and the girls love it too!! I should also mention that I'm TOTALLY anti-video game, so this is a big deal for me!
Next we need to buy another Wii-mote so the girls can box each other...let's see if we can channel that frustration!!

Speaking of frustration (totally off topic here), Abby told me that she had a dream that when she was getting frustrated, she turned into a monster...and she started turning all red...hmmmm...very interesting!!

One more side note:
Luke ate his first food yesterday. I've fed him numerous times, but last night he actually ATE it instead of spitting it out. It was fun because our friend, Lorraine (from New Jersey) was here and she got to be the one to feed him! How special!
He's also getting SUPER grabby...grabbing for everything within reach and "clawing" at everything. We've got a little toy in his crib that hangs on the rail and he never paid much attention to it until just recently...yesterday he was pushing at the buttons and all. He still doesn't know how to "push" stuff yet, but I have a feeling that'll be just around the corner!

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