Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Aaron and his bottle.

Aaron cracks me up with his bottle. He now says, "Ba-ba" quite often, although he says it with the intonation of a little Spanish boy calling his Papa...emphasis on the last syllable rather than the first. He is the only baby I've ever seen that can drink a bottle without tipping it in the slightest. The bottle can be straight up and down, in his hands with his hands by his tummy and he'll just suck and suck and suck until enough suction is created that he can get to the milk. Granted, this would NOT work if we didn't use the bottles we use--the ones with the plastic liners in them which allow for this to work. It might be sad if he ever picked up a regular bottle and tried that trick. One day he fell asleep in the car with his bottle in his mouth. When I got him out, the bottle liner was actually INVERTED because he had created so much suction. On that same note...this silly boy will not allow a pacifier anywhere near his mouth, but he'll suck on an empty bottle for a good, long while when he needs a little comfort. Silly baby.

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