Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've been negligent.

I know, I's been 10 days since I last posted. A lot has been going on...and I'm going to have to keep it short due to the fact that I'm ill. Darn mastitis has struck again. I don't know why I get it...but I've gotten it with all of my girls, but not my boys--strangely. With Aaron I had a clogged duct that never materialized as mastitis...although after I stopped nursing, I did end up with a breast infection that had me very worried!

Anyway, so I'm feeling very lousy. I've started antibiotics and hopefully will start feeling much better very soon.

All of us, including Lilah have gotten some crud. Stuffiness, coughs, just general misery...not enough to make you feel ill, just enough to be annoying. Mine is more of a head cold, Lilah has super goopy eyes (Aaron did too for a couple of days) and Jeremy and Savannah and Abby all have super annoying coughs! How fun. We've had the weirdest weather...cold then hot then cold...RAIN even in RECORD rain. Like 2+ inches of rain! Weird. I attribute the colds to the weird weather.

Aaron is FINALLY getting some more teeth. One on the top right has popped through and the top left one is following suit.

Lilah is a fantastic little baby. She's fallen right into a wonderful routine for naps. Nights are still a bit touchy, but she's doing great so far.

Today the girls took good care of me while I wasn't feeling well. Savannah made Aaron malt-o-meal for breakfast and fed it to him and they kept him entertained while I napped. It's so nice to have older girls. Then they made a chocolate cake--all by themselves! It was delicious! :) They insisted I not get up and just rest. Easier said than done, but I do appreciate the small amount of rest I got.

Okay, Lilah has been in bed now for a little while, I'm hoping to get some good rest before she wakes up. I need it. Tomorrow she is 1 month old and Aaron is 13 months old! Wow, where does the time go?


Jennie Bolen said...

Sorry to hear about the colds and nursing issue. That's no fun. I can't believe Lilahs already a month though, wow! What a blessing to have the two older girls be such amazing helpers. Micaela is a pretty good helper too, for a six year old. :) Hope you all get better and keep at that nursing, I hope it goes better for you this time around. I'm praying the same for me as well. I was only able to nurse Nathanael until 5 1/2 months but I want to go to at least a year possibly two with Elijah. Talk to you soon.

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

Hey Jennie! I can't believe she's a month old already either! Man, and your little guy is nearly 3 months!!! It all happens so fast. I too am hoping that nursing works out better this's a difficult thing, but I'll do what I can do...and not stress about the rest of it! I'll be praying for you in that regard too!

I hope you and your lovely family are doing great and enjoying this GORGEOUS summer we're having!!

Jennie Bolen said...

We are enjoying this wonderful summer. We are actually leaving for camping tomorrow morning and staying until Sunday. Yes, I am tent camping with a newborn. Everyone has told me I'm crazy so far, but I think it will be a blast! Can't wait to get away from everything here at the house. Are you guys coming up the hill soon? I would love to see you guys. :)