Saturday, July 30, 2011

Aaron's new word.

Aaron has not only been practicing walking, he's also been practicing talking. He says quite a few words, but has recently started looking at me and saying, "Mama". It's so sweet. He's said that word for a while, but now he's definitely associating ME with "Mama" which is VERY cute. Also, he's been practicing his "Thank You"'s, and at this age it just cannot get much more adorable with the sweet little "Tee-To" sound he makes when he hands me something. But...all of that is cute and wonderful and adorable...BUT, today he pointed to Lilah and said, "Dat?" (one of his favorite phrases--"what dat" or just plain "dat"), and I said "Lilah". He looked at me, stuck out his tongue and said, "LILAH"!!! It was a very "tonguey" Lilah, but it was definitely Lilah...and he said it over and over. I LOVE it!

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