Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First Steps!!!

I have to keep this quick because I had a long day with 2 babies--alone, while my big kids and daddy went to Discovery Kingdom (free tickets thanks to the Read to Succeed program!).

This morning Aaron took a couple of steps between Savannah and I. We were so thrilled for him!! This afternoon he did it a few more times, taking probably 3-4 consecutive steps at the most, but we're on our way!!!! I tried to get it on video, but as soon as he saw the camera, he wanted NOTHING to do with walking because he just wanted to play with the camera! Maybe tomorrow if he does it more, I can ambush him with the camera and post his new skills!

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Jennie Bolen said...

Yay! Soo exciting! I hope you are feeling better and I hope you are enjoying life with the new baby. I know I am. :)