Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lilah Crawled!

Lilah has been getting up on her knees for quite some time now. She rocks back and forth, but when she wants to get something, it's back down on to her tummy and she scoots for it. What amazes me is that I think ALL of my babies have always started off crawling backwards. Not Lilah. She's determined. When she sees something she wants, she gets it. It's usually something paper. She loves paper. She loves EATING paper. But it makes her choke, so she can't have it. Today she got up on her knees and started real baby crawling!!! She only went a couple of knee scoots forward, but my goodness, she's not even 8 months old yet!! I was checking my blog for when Aaron started, and it appears he started scooting around the same time, but didn't start "real baby" crawling until March 21st...and, well, being that they have the same exact birthday, it makes keeping track of progress very easy! :) She's such a big girl!! I've also been putting her in the shopping cart at Costco with Aaron. It's so cute to see her sitting up all big. The only problem is that Aaron takes turns pulling at her hair, then kissing her, then pulling her hair, then HUGGING her like crazy (like not too fun hugs), then kissing...then pulling get the point. Thankfully she's very tolerant. I wish I could say the same for tolerance for Aaron there. Well, no, I take that back. Either Luke can't STAND him and they're screaming at each other and hitting and biting and pinching...or they can't get enough of each other and Luke cries when Aaron has to go to bed. I'm just hoping that when Aaron is able to communicate better and stops being such a pest that they bond a bit more...because when they play together, they're so cute. Wait, I take that back. Tonight I had to clean up 2 inches of toilet water off of the bathroom floor. The boys thought it'd be fun to see how much toilet paper you can flush down the toilet. I wonder whose idea that was?

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