Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I only have a second...

Gee, this seems to be my mantra these days. A second is quite generous, actually!
Life has been busy! These 3 children keep me on my toes and keep me super busy. Thankfully, I'm adjusting to it all and still manage to have a somewhat clean house, have a well-stocked refrigerator and generally happy children. Luke is very time consuming...as are all newborns. He's definitely increasing his awake/alert time. He likes to sit in his bouncy chair and look out the window. I put him on the dining room table and he'll just look outside for about 20 minutes. But when he's hit his limit, he's DONE. This boy can CRY! He's not very loud, but when he gets upset, it's crazy. He'll turn SUPER red and stop breathing in between wails. Thankfully, when he's not super upset, he's very even-tempered and OH SO SWEET!
The girls are adjusting more and more and I'm amazed at what a helper Savannah has been. She's done things like putting dishes away--or loading the dishwasher for me, setting/clearing the table, pouring a glass of milk for me while I was eating dinner and nursing Luke, both girls took a stack of laundry upstairs to their room and put them away in the correct drawers. It's awesome, they're so helpful. Obviously Savannah is a bit more...mostly because it's her temperament to be a helper and make things okay, but also because she's older and sees needs a bit more than Abby. Abby is still very Abby centric, especially when she's upset or tired. Speaking of tired, I had the worst night of my life the other night. Abby was up between 2 until 6am. She woke me about 5 times, Savannah woke me once and of course I was up 2 times to nurse Luke. At 5am I heard chattering in their room and the girls were both in Abby's bed, reading a story by LED light. UGGH! I was ready to scream, it was like a nightmare I've had more than once and it was not pretty. So yesterday I was pretty iritible from lack of sleep, but thankfully yesterday--and today--I've had a decent nap.
So all is pretty well here, every day is definitely a challenge but we're maintaining. The girls had gymnastics today and it was so nice getting out and doing something for just THEM! I don't want them to be on the back burner forever, but it's also good for them to develop a bit more independence. They're also being much better with Jeremy these days because he's doing much more with them...and of course when he asks them if they want to do something with him, they want to because they haven't been able to do a whole lot with me. So it's been very good for building their relationship closer and that's always a good thing.
I know there are wonderful tidbits that have gone on that I'm neglecting to write down...and I'm very sorry about that...there is not a moment of these childrens' lives that I want to forget (well, maybe a few!), but my brain is seriously lacking these days, so this will have to do.
This is all I have for now because I'm hoping to do some Bible study before naptime ceases. I'll be writing more soon...
and by the way, if you're reading this...feel free to comment...if nothing else, just to let me know you're out there! :)

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cindyrn351 said...

Oh-Three sounds hard! Not planning on going there for awhile.
Glad the girls are doing good and adjusting. Hopefully they let you get some sleep soon. Sleep Rocks!