Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lilah's New Skills

Lilah is now 7 and a half months old. She's exactly the same age that Savannah, Abby and Luke learned to sit up well and guess what?!?! She's sitting up!! Just a few days ago she was still rather wobbly, but now she can sit for a good, long while! Along with this new skill seems to have come the ability to be content for a while longer. I think it's nice for her to have this perspective on the world rather than being on the floor and worrying about who is going to trip over you. Aaron still tries to manhandle her and knock her over occasionally, but he's usually pretty gentle with her. When she does get onto her tummy, she is all over the place. Within seconds she can go from one side of the floor to another and she's getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth on a regular basis. I wonder if she'll be an earlier crawler?!?!

She is now 100% bottle fed. It's always a tough decision for me to stop breastfeeding, but the last time we took her to the doctor, she had only gained around 3oz in 3 or so months. She was waking up every 2 hours and although she was very content, I just knew she wasn't getting what she needed. She drinks about 5oz every 3 hours or so and gets very excited about her bottle. It took her a while to catch on to it and I was so concerned that she wouldn't take one at all. Her pediatrician just said, "Push solids", but she doesn't eat anything yet. She has no interest in food and I'm not going to "push" it on her, especially knowing that her body can't assimilate most of what she's eating at this point anyway. So when I found a bottle she'd take (Tommee Tippee), I was SOOOOOOO overjoyed! Now that she's getting the nourishment she needs, she's sleeping SO much better too. She generally takes 2, 2 hour naps a day, although the length of those naps can vary, her routine is now pretty consistent. 7ish wake up, 9:30 am nap, up by 11:30am and then nap from 2pm ish until about 4. She's finally able to make it through the evening without losing it too, so that's WONDERFUL. She's very tired in the evening though, and tonight when I gave her a bottle, she had her little eyes closed, but once the bottle was gone, she perked up and was happy until bedtime--which is usually around 8:30pm. She's been waking 1-2x a night, which to me feels like HEAVEN compared to what it was before. Some mornings she's up a little earlier than I'd like--like 6:40am or so, but I just use that as my "get up and get in God's Word" time. I drink my coffee, she drinks her bottle...we have some quiet snuggle's very nice. Even if I would RATHER be sleeping! :)

Speaking of which...I'm 10 weeks pregnant now. I'm feeling pretty good, not too nauseous, not too tired, but definitely not my "normal" self. I go to the doctor on Friday, so it will be very fun to see this little one and make sure it's just 1 since Jeremy is ALWAYS convinced I'm carrying twins (his secret wish!).

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