Monday, January 30, 2012

She Slept Thru the Night!!!!

At the rate we were going only a month ago, I never thought I'd have such wonderful news. Since birth, Lilah's regular pattern had been to wake every 2-3 hours, EVERY night. The ONLY time she slept longer was when I was at my parents house and she was in her own room, and I think that was just a fluke. As soon as we got back home, it was back to every 2-3 hours. I moved her into her own room and thought that'd be the ticket. It definitely HELPED, she wasn't waking every 2-3 hours consistently, but there were quite a few nights when I gave in around 3am and brought her to bed with me just so I could get SOME sleep.

But since I started bottle feeding her and stopped breastfeeding, it's miraculous. The poor girl was just hungry! First it started where she'd wake at midnight and then around 4. Not too shabby. I can do 2 wakings a night. Then she started going until 4-5 a few times. Hey, I liked that a LOT better. But last night she slept from 8:30pm until 7am without waking once!!! :) Of course, by the time 7am rolled around, I was convinced that something had happened to her and I had to go in and check on her, and there she was...on her tummy, pushing herself up on her arms. She saw me and gave me a big smile. She is still swaddled. I'd prefer that she not be, but she really sleeps better that way still. Even though she now sleeps on her tummy a lot, it doesn't seem to bother her that she's swaddled. One day she'll grow out of it, but for now, if I'm getting sleep, that's all that matters!!

Have I mentioned that she is the sweetest, happiest, smiliest little thing? She is just PURE SUGAR. Lilah is the easiest little thing to love, she is such an amazing blessing. The whole sleep thing always tainted everything else that was so wonderful about her. I have always appreciated that even though she didn't sleep well, she was still cheerful, but it was hard to fully appreciate her greatness when she had me up all night long. Now that she's sleeping so much better I have to say, she is an absolute angel baby. (as she screams from upstairs!) Oops, have I jinxed myself?!?!

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Karen said...

God makes babies cute for a reason.....he he So glad you are getting some of that sleep that you so need!