Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Things We Take for Granted

No, this is not going to be a deep, philosophical post. I'm too tired for that. This is one of those funny things that children say that gives you a little insight into their brains...and makes you realize that there are certain things that we just assume should be obvious, but to children, who see things so simply, aren't.

So yesterday Luke told me that he hopes our baby is a boy. A WHITE boy. I kinda laughed and said, "Well what other color would one of our babies be?" and he said, "Well some people are other colors." Yes, this is true, but as I pointed out, "Yes, but they have to have at least ONE parent who is a different color." At this point Abby chimed in and said, "Oh, so that's why Patton (her cousin) is white?" I was blown away. Yes, her little cousin is white...but his big sister and brother are not. Then as Jeremy and I were talking, we realized that they have a FEW cousins who have white parents, but they have dark skin. No wonder our children were confused! :) I also have a friend who has 7 adopted children who range from very white to quite dark...and their parents are both white. I thought it was rather cute that they just thought skin color was completely random. :) Children are so cute.

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Karen said...

Oh my, that is hilarious! I was also hoping for a boy...then you'd be even...