Monday, January 9, 2012

My Children are Amazing

Today I was super tired. Lilah is in a weird phase with sleep right now...she's still swaddled, and seems very happy that way, but every time she's not completely asleep in her crib, she rolls right onto her tummy. This makes her VERY upset and she'll cry and cry, even though just the other day we were making such wonderful progress with her going to her crib awake and falling asleep with minimal fussing. I'd like to get rid of the swaddle, but she still really seems to enjoy it, so I just don't know what to do with her...but it makes it very difficult in the middle of the night when I put her back into her crib after a feed and she hears the floor squeak (her room is TERRIBLE, the floor is super squeaky right in front of the door) or she's not totally settled, she'll start crying and then flip to her tummy and freak out. So last night was a rather difficult night. It wasn't HORRIBLE, I just would have liked to have slept more. So today when the babies went down for their naps (both at the same time--YAY!!) I needed a nap. I told the children to be quiet and play nicely and if they couldn't do that, they would be lying down and resting as well. I got about an hour of rest--not as much SLEEP as I would have liked, but I did get to sleepy town a time or two (I'm a dysfunctional napper), so it was pretty nice. I heard my big children downstairs and felt very guilty and decided that I needed to get up and get some housework done. When I came downstairs, Savannah, Abby and Luke were sitting nicely at the table, coloring pages that Savannah had gone online and printed out for them and they were listening to Kid's Praise songs on Pandora. They were so quiet...there was no arguing. What blessed, blessed children. They never cease to amaze me with how wonderful they can be.

Jeremy told me I should start a "disaster of the day" post. I don't really want to because I like to think that there isn't actually ONE disaster a day, but who am I kidding?!?! There are usually plenty in a day's time. So this morning I was feeling irritable. As I said, I hadn't gotten enough sleep last night and I'm just feeling rather irritable lately, especially first thing in the morning. So the children had settled down to the table for school (it's the first day since before Christmas) and the girls had some questions about their math. I was trying to help them, but couldn't use the white board because all of our markers are dried out or just plain missing their tips. Gee, I wonder how that happened!??! As I'm trying to help them figure out a problem that I myself don't get without the teacher's guide, Luke is pestering..."Mommy, Mommy, what do I do? How do I do this??" Poor guy, I can't fault him, he was just trying to do his work too...Lilah is in the living room crying because she wants to be picked up (she had been out of my arms for 2 minutes, which is about 1:45 too long for her liking) and as I'm getting ready to go crazy, Aaron grabs onto a bin filled with art supplies, and dumps it onto the floor. Of course, this was the bin that happened to have an entire container of green glitter loose in the bottom of it. So glitter went EVERYWHERE. I am already not a fan of glitter and I was seriously second-guessing myself when I bought it in the first place...but now I as just mad at that stinking glitter. I think I used the "h" word a few times when expressing to my children how I feel about glitter. Now with all of this chaos going on, I had to grab the vacuum and clean up this horrendous mess...and as we all know, there is no truly getting rid of glitter once it has spilled. As a matter of fact, we had a bit of green glitter in our mac n cheese for lunch! So that's my FIRST disaster of the day. Then as the girls are cleaning up after dinner this evening and Lilah is crying because it's been a while since her last nap, but it's almost bedtime, I made the big mistake of leaving the step stool where Aaron could get to it. He stood up next to the dishwasher and was messing with the dishes. Usually that's not such a big problem, but he happened to take Jeremy's favorite travel mug and throw it on the floor. The mug shattered. UGGHHHH!!!! Yes, I needed that. Here is where I should write something about God's grace and mercy and how good He is to us and how blessed we are in spite of this craziness...and yes, that is all true...but I'm way too tired to be philosophical this evening, and I just heard Lilah squeak...and I really need to get to bed. Did I mention that I'm really tired these days!?!?! Thank you God for your goodness...and your mercy. And your blessings. I appreciate it all, even the disasters.

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