Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Baby Talk

I had an appointment today...everything still looks great. Baby is definitely head down. My bp is 110/60, my fundal height is 36cm and unfortunately, my weight is up. Let's see, I've gained about 18lbs so far. Much more than I wanted, but you know what? I also don't want to not eat. Not that I enjoy gaining weight, but it's nice to have guilt free food while you're pregnant. Yes, I could be better, but I haven't been horrible, so I'm not terribly worried.
I can tell that this is baby #3, because I'm in NO hurry for this pregnancy to be over. With my other two, at 34 weeks, I was so done. I was ready to just have the baby...I know that it could change at any point--especially if I were to get more uncomfortable, but I just couldn't care less if this baby went way overdue. Is that weird or what? I know that as long as he's in my belly he doesn't cry, I get to sleep, I always have 2 free hands. I'm just kinda nervous. I'm not nervous about having a new baby, perse...although it's kinda weird because it seems like forever since I had a baby, but I'm nervous about not being able to give as much of myself to my children. It's not the same feeling I felt with having #2 though. With her I was worried about the emotional aspect of know, "can you REALLY love another baby as much?" Uh really can. It's amazing, but I have so much love for each of my babies, I have NO concern about that this's more the idea of disrupting our current "routine" and the way we currently do everything. You know, both of my girls are old enough that they're quite flexible...we can pretty much do anything when we want to right now. If we're out and about until after 2pm, NO WORRIES! No one is going to lose it (at least not completely!). If we don't eat IMMEDIATELY, no one is going to cry from hunger pangs (other than me, that is!). So it's going to be very different. I'm excited about the time of year I'm having this baby though. I was just thinking; when he's born, it'll be the end of March. It'll still be rainy season, etc...but it's okay because I'll be somewhat house-bound anyway because he'll be too little to want to take anywhere...but as soon as we've got a bit of a routine/schedule going (when he's around 2 months), it'll be the end of May, the beginning of summer and warm weather. I can take him outside without worries of it being cold/rainy. The girls can be outside playing and enjoying the weather--and their friends being out of school! And cold/flu season won't be an issue! I thought May was the optimal time of year to have a baby (since Savannah was born May 10th), but I'm thinking that March may be even better!

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