Wednesday, February 7, 2007

My Baby Girls

Apparently I have 3 baby girls. Tonight I was tucking Savannah and Abby into bed and they wanted to give Daisy a kiss (our kitty). I could NOT find her even though she had just been in the room a second ago. Savannah looked over and Daisy had put herself to "bed" in a little wooden cradle next to Savannah's bed. Silly kitty. I tell you, she thinks she's a real member of this family. She acts like she's the girls sister. No kidding. She and Abby will be playing together nicely and then I'll hear Abby crying and she'll say, "Mommy, Daisy scratched me!". Or I hear Abby laughing and find her doing something not so nice to Daisy. Daisy follows the girls EVERYWHERE and even climbs the metal jungle-gym outside with them. How weird is that? She's definitely a strange kitty, but oh so sweet...and so patient and gentle with the girls. I guess I really am the only mommy she's ever known, I did bottle feed the little thing, so perhaps I truly the mommy to 3 girls and our little boy soon to be.
This morning Abby was exercising her "control" over "her" space by telling Jeremy and I, when she got upset with us, that we're "Not allowed in my room". I of course was let off the hook quickly because thankfully, neither of these girls can stay mad at me very long, but as for Jeremy...well, she went so far as to come downstairs and announce that she was making a "No Daddy" sign. Since she can't write "No Daddy", she just drew a cute little picture of "Daddy" and proceeded to tape it to the bedroom door. It's still hanging there even though she informed him that he could come into her room, he's just not allowed to wake her up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Janelle! I love that you're doingn this. I can relate to so much of what you share. I wish I could be more reassuring but as you can tell, #3 is no piece of cake! Using feed-awake-sleep as a routine has been a big help, though. Though of course I go crazy when he cries at the beginning and in the middle of his naps and I have to try to figure out whether to get him or stick to the routine. I'm really looking forward to him being 4 months old when he can actually be awake for longer and go to a 2-nap schedule.

Anyway, I could go on and on about baby stuff, but just know you can always consult me if you need guidance (since I'm a whopping four months ahead of you) or just to commisserate!

On the upside, it will be easier for you since both your girls are older. What I would give for Liberty to be 3 right now instead of 2!

I'm also jealous of you because you have a cat, and a quirky one at that (my favorite kind). I told Eddie we're getting one when Jason is potty trained, and that he (Eddie) will just have to get acclimated so that his allergies eventually go away...or else take a pill...whatever it takes for us to have a cat because I'm always pining for one...and as this post shows, it will be great for the kids to have yet another sibling :D

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

Thanks for my first comment, Marla!! Although I have to be honest, I just want to hear that having a 3rd is a piece of cake! Hahaha...I'm still trying to fool myself and follow it up with lots of prayer that my logic ends up being at least partly true. Yes, it will definitely help that my girls are a bit older, but I think it's always difficult to have a newborn.
Yes our kitten is wonderful...I don't know if I ever shared about our psycho cat we got from Jeremy's brother, but this kitty is a refreshing change from her. It was really quite sad. Our other cat, Sparkles, came at a time when we really, really just wanted a kitty...and she was sweet, but extremely neurotic. When my brother found 5 kittens in his toolshed, we helped him bottle feed them and all and of course fell in love with them all. My brother is an extreme cat lover and would have kept all of them I'm sure, but honestly, who needs 7 cats? (he already had 2), so we took Daisy, my parents took Gus and Frisky, someone else took Lilah and my brother kept Maddy (Savannah named almost all of the kittens). When we got Daisy, our other cat lost it and started peeing EVERYWHERE in our house. It was really, really gross. We finally ended up bringing her to Jeremy's parents house and leaving her...and she's doing fine there and hasn't pee'd on their stuff once. Daisy is the perfect fit for our family though...I too LOVE quirky kittens, and she's a Tabby to boot...I LOVE tabbys! Daisy will be 1 right around the time Luke is born. And since then, my brother found 3 more kittens, bottle-fed them and has ended up keeping one more, bringing his grand total to 4 when you're in want of your family kitten, I'll contact him, he seems to be really good at finding them! :)