Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"You've got to see my blog..."

I said this to my dad as I was trying to explain exactly how this blogging stuff works. Abby looks at me and says, "What's a blog? A belly button?" Hahaha...you see, my dad just had an umbilical hernia repaired, so this entire weekend visit has been a bit "surgery"-centric. Each morning the girls ask Papa if he "still has his surgery" and he has to show the scar to them so they can check out the progress of his healing. It's rather cute, and very girly since we girls tend to want to care for others. And yes, he's healing wonderfully. It's been a bit tough as the girls can't jump on him, ride on his back, he can't pick them up, etc...but it's good practice for them. They are getting big afterall!
Speaking of the funny things kids say, Savannah is very gifted when it comes to language and understanding. I've been looking back at videos where she's 2.5-3 years old and even though she looks much younger, it's still so amazing how well she spoke at that age...but even "gifted" children have their limitations, you know the brain develops at it's own pace!! She hasn't quite grasped figures of speech yet, and her responses are very funny!!
The other day she said something to grandma about making a mess and I said, as she sat in her chair with about a billion crumbs underneath, "Look who's talking" and she looks under her chair and says, "there's no one down there", and I said, "No, the mess..." and she says, as she looks with great focus, "I don't hear anything!" Hahahaha...okay, so I guess she doesn't quite get that one yet! The other funny thing was yesterday when she and my dad were playing a Monsters, Inc. computer game for three (YES 3!!) hours yesterday during naptime. There's a part of the game where you're a "Monster Day Care Provider" and you have to keep all of the monster babies happy by giving them toys or changing diapers (good practice for a very soon big sister to be!), and my dad said, "These babies can go fly a kite!", Savannah looks around and around at the toys available to give to the babies and says, "Papa, there ISN'T a kite!!!" Hahahaha...she's just too cute!

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