Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Routine; Anything but Routine...

As I said yesterday, I'm finding the need for a good routine more and more necessary, especially as I count down to the arrival of baby #3. Don't get me wrong, I'm not overloaded in any way, shape or form. My job is good and usually fairly easy. My girls pitch in and help a bit and our home is relatively clean--there are always clean clothes folded and put away and my floors get mopped at least once a week, so that's a start. But there is so much more I'd like from my life. Not only for the sake of my own sanity, but for the sake of my children and husband as well. I've had a few days (how sad is that?) where I had my routine down, including having meals planned, and it was amazing how easy and laid back it was. Sadly, I've only done that a handful of times because I don't know, I get distracted I guess. With the inevidible aging of my children, I know I really need to get on the ball with teaching my girls the basic skills they'll need for more "formal" schooling. Just establishing a set 10 minutes here for this activity and 10 minutes there for that activity seems to be just out of my reach. I guess I'm just lazy and undisciplined, but I know those are not listed in the Fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22)...so I think my most important "goal" for the immediate future is to practice, more whole-heartedly, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit (ironically, this is exactly what our pastor is preaching on currently! Hmmm...isn't God funny?). I know that if I let the Lord order my life, all of the practical "stuff" will fall into place. One day I know that I'll look around and see how far I've come...and know that the Lord is working in my heart, and in the practical things of my life--for the benefit of me AND my family...but for now I'm going to be content with the baby steps I'm able to take, knowing that I will not be this tired and large for the rest of my life! Hahaha! It all goes back to those wonderful "seasons" of life...and accepting where I am at the time, and doing my very best in that particular situation. Praise be to God for keeping me humble and reliant on Him each step of this interesting journey of motherhood and wifehood (is that a word?).

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