Friday, May 9, 2008

The Abby-ism of the day...

I love to see the little wheels turn in the minds of my children. Their thought processes never cease to amaze me. This one isn't horribly profound, but super revealed the innocence and and naivety of children.

In a local shopping center, at a stop light, there are always homeless people asking for money. It's always the SAME people, they kinda work in shifts. The girls have asked me before why we don't give them money and I just said, "Well, I'll give them food, but not money...I'm not sure if they'd make wise choices with the money I gave them" and kinda left it at that. One day we got the opportunity to bless one of them with some food we had just bought, and that was nice. Although it's always kinda depressing when you give them food and they just kinda set it to the side--he was probably too full from all the other stuff he's been given. Anyway, that's beside the point. Today Abby started to ask, "Mommy...why don't we give...oh yeah, we don't give him money because he'd buy bad food with it...that's why we give him food but not money". I thought it was so the guy is going to take our money and go buy candy or something equally unhealthy. It just made me smile, she's so cute. Oh if only I could remember ALL the adorable things they say. One of them made me laugh out loud the other day, but of course I don't remember what she said. Or even who it was for that matter!

Oh good, I've got another one to add...the girls are playing with some of Savannah's new toys this morning, and Abby says, "These have Fred in them". Savannah says "LEAD, not Fred!". Hahahaha...I love Abby, she's so funny!

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