Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Every night when we tuck the girls in bed, Jeremy gives them a kiss and then has them sign his hand to confirm that they received their kiss from daddy. They started out just "signing" their names...but then Abby started "writing"...daddy kissed me (as she sounds out each sound of each word) and then for good measure, she added .com to the end. We checked, the domain is available, but it just sounds kinda weird! :) Speaking of dot com, yesterday Savannah found a "jackpot" of snails, as she put it. I guess there was a huge colony of snails in the woods. I told her that if she wanted to keep some of them for observation, she'd have to draw a detailed picture of a snail, and learn some facts about snails. She was all excited, so she said, "Okay can you log on to the dot com?" Hahaha....she did end up drawing a wonderful picture and we learned some things about snails. Did you know that they have 2 sets of antennae and the long pair is where their eyes are and the shorter pair are their feelers?? They are also hermaphrodites, but they need the sperm of another snail to reproduce...and here's the weirdest thing I didn't know...they usually live for 5-10 years, sometimes as long as 15 years!! WOW...I had no idea!

Luke news: Luke now has 2 top teeth and two more coming in. YAY! They're so cute too...I'll try to get a picture of them soon. He's still not walking either. If he starts AFTER the 25th, he'll be my latest walker! He's consistently saying Mama now, Hi Kitty, Hi and he barks when he sees a dog. Luke also started SIGNING! I was totally surprised, but he's started using the sign for "More". We've taught it to him, but not consistently...but now he uses it when he wants more food. It's pretty cool! I guess I should bone up on my sign language so I can teach him more. He does blow kisses when you tell him to say Thank You, and that's basically the sign for Thank You, so I guess I can count that too.

2 more days until I'm 30--EEK!!
Well I'm off, I'm reading Passionate Housewives Desperate for God: Fresh Vision for the Hopeful Homemaker, so far it's a great book, I'd recommend it!

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Karen said...

That is the sweetest thing! Love your blog! It's priceless! Happy Birthday! You are a very cool 30 year old, so don't you dare say eek. Huggz, Mom