Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm 30!

It's official, I'm no longer in my twenties! It's kinda weird, but I'm totally okay with it (maybe if I keep repeating that it'll sink in! Hahaha...kidding, totally kidding)!
So I woke up this morning around 7:30...that was beautiful. Jeremy was still home so he got to give me a birthday hug and kiss before work. I snuggled with Abby for a while. Savannah woke up at almost 9!! Of course last night she was telling me not to wake up because she was going to get up and make breakfast. Good thing I didn't wait on her! :) Savannah painted me a beautiful picture (a heart shape I cut out for her all prettied up by her) and Abby picked me 3 poppies and 2 daisies. So sweet. Jeremy took us out to dinner to the Cheesecake Factory and they gave me a little ice cream sundae and sang happy birthday to me. Hehehe...that was fun. Then we came home and made hot fudge sundaes--my choice over cake any day! Now the girls are bathing and getting ready for bed. Once everyone is in bed, I'm going to try to get Jeremy to watch The Jane Austen Book Club with me...if that doesn't work, I'll be more than happy to settle for the last 2 episodes from this season of LOST. All in all it was a WONDERFUL birthday. I'm happy to be 30...I'm looking forward to a new chapter of my life.
**Today when I told Abby and Savannah how proud of them I was that they were being so nice to eachother, Abby replied, "Well we don't want to spoil your birthday!" Awwwhhhh...if only my birthday could be every day!

Sad news alert: I just read that Steven Curtis Chapman has lost his youngest daughter. Here's an article. What a tragedy. Please keep all of this family in your prayers.

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