Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back Home

My 3 big 'uns went to Grandma and Papa's house from Sunday to today (Thursday). They did all kinds of fun stuff--saw the movie, Tangled (in 3-D no less), went to McDonald's and played for hours, I'm a Christmas tree and decorated it up there, etc. They also got to visit their other "grandma", our pastor's wife, Sharon. She's taken them under her wings as her adopted grandchildren and she also has a granddaughter who is 9 years old that my girls just adore. Sharon has been such a blessing to me because while I was living up there, she would watch my children for me while I had appointments or what not. My children have grown very close to her and her granddaughter, Grace, and hope to see them EVERY time we go up there. The last time we were there for Thanksgiving, Sharon had just had back surgery, so she wasn't up to having them over, although they stopped by for a short hello and some very gentle hugs. They were thrilled that they got to go spend an entire day there this time. They also got to visit a friend and walk his dogs, go to the park with Papa and do all kinds of stuff I'm sure I'd never let them do--let's just call it "Papa's Prerogative".

Today Aaron and I drove up to Sacramento to our usual meeting spot to meet Papa and the children. As usual, it's nice to have them gone and get caught up on stuff (and not have to do OTHER stuff--like cooking, laundry, etc.), but it's always SO nice to have them back. I've kept their bedroom door closed while they're gone because, well...mostly because it was cold (I had the window open so it could air out while I had all of the bedding off of their beds), but also it's just sad to look at their empty bedroom! So tonight it was so nice to kiss them and tuck them into their beds again. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder...and I was already pretty fond of them.

Tomorrow I will share what Luke looked like when I picked them up. Let's just say, it was Luke's lip vs. a playground pole! Ouch!

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