Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Half Birthday To You!!

It's that time again...another day, another half birthday! Although this time it's very special because it's a half birthday for our little half-year old!! Happy Half-Birthday, Aaron!!

It's amazing to think that he's already a half a year old...the time has FLOWN by! He is so incredibly strong, he can pull himself up to sitting in his car seat if there's something he's really interested in looking at. He's rolling all over the place, he's started to jump like a total maniac in his exersaucer. And the coolest thing of all is that just a few days ago, he started sleeping on his tummy! I've been swaddling him since he was first born, but he's so strong, he's been breaking out of it. So this weekend I started just swaddling him in one blanket, so it's easy for him to fall asleep. Then he can easily get out of it and roll over onto his tummy. He did it for the first time the other night and he was sleeping SO well, I had to go check on him. When I snuck into his room, there he was, all unwrapped and on his tummy! It's amazing how much better babies sleep on their tummies. The past 2 nights he has hardly awakened and before he was waking 2-3 times EVERY night. Last night he slept thru all the way until 4! Ahhhhh yeah!

He still doesn't like food. We've tried him with cereal and veggies, cereal and fruit and he thinks it's DISGUSTING! See photo below! :) He likes eating Veggie Straws and I'll give those to him to munch on. I'm thinking of getting him some teething biscuits too. I think I may get his booster seat set up and chop up some soft foods and let him feed himself and see how that works out. That's how I started Luke because Luke wasn't a fan of "baby" food either!

Aaron loves Baby Einstein (I know, I know, I should be so ashamed), he does okay with playing on his own, although he'd prefer to be held all of the time--other than when he's rolling around on the floor. He's taking 3 naps a day usually--he's not the worlds best napper, but as long as he sleeps well at night, that's all I REALLY care about. He's wearing 9 month clothes mostly. He was 16 1/2lbs the last time I had him weighed--BIG boy! He drinks 4oz bottles every 2-3 hours and almost always sits up and lets out a huge BURP! :) He's a little charmer and I have to be sure to allot at least another 15 minutes when I go out for people to admire him. He winks those beautiful, big eyes at them and they're captivated! It's still hard to tell what color his hair is going to be...although it still looks on the auburn side to me. His bald spot is almost completely gone now too.

I'm very much looking forward to having my sweet little guy celebrate his very first Christmas soon...what an exciting time of year. I feel so blessed to have this precious little addition in our family. Thank you, Lord!

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Happy Half Birthday to Aaron from the folks at!

Ginger said...

Oh my gravy, that is one cute kid!! Our baby of the family is 11 mos and I do miss those rolling around days. Sweet!!
(Found your blog thru Absolutely Normal Chaos.)