Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Well here I am, 2 days from my due date with #4 and I'm STILL pregnant!
I can't say that I'm particularly surprised...but I had hoped that I wouldn't make it to this point with this one, but as they say, history repeats itself! :)

I went to the doctor today and he said I'm 1-1.5cm dilated, not quite enough to strip my membranes, not enough to be inducible either (which is okay, I wouldn't even consider that at this point). I do have an induction scheduled on the 15th though, but of course it all depends on how everything looks on the 14th (hopefully I won't go that far though). It still kinda blows me away that all of my pregnancies have been so similar. Jeremy told me last night that my uterus must be the "happiest place on earth" since none of our babies want to leave it! :) This little guy still has just over a day to make his appearance and beat his siblings by not being overdue--and also setting a world record by coming on his own. It's that whole "coming on his own" thing that I'm hoping for. I really, really, really would love to experience going into labor naturally...without having to wait until I'm ridiculously overdue. I know the exact date this little guy was conceived, so he has no excuse for being late...not to mention that all of my ultrasound dates have been dead on with the due date.

It's so funny though because I have a post on here from when I was 39w4d with Luke...
I'm wondering if there is any chance that I'll go into labor BEFORE my due date...or at least CLOSE to it. I'm still not in a particular hurry, but it'd be nice if it happened soon. The girls have gymnastics today, so of course I don't want it to happen this morning, but this afternoon would be good for me! Considering I'm as far along as I am, there's not too much going on. Random contractions, aches and pains...but no sign of impending labor. Then again, every woman I talk to has a different story and each one insists you "just know" when it's the real thing. We'll see. I'm hoping I have an opportunity to experience the real thing.

Hmmmm...sounds strangely familiar! Oh well, what can I do? Practice patience, stay well rested, take advantage of being able to sleep and enjoy the blessings I have right now.

I have had more contractions today than any other days...nothing consistent by any means, but slightly on the uncomfortable side, enough to let me know that SOMETHING is going on. I don't dare tell anyone though because then I feel like I need to explain myself, or that I'm being put on the spot in some way or another...as if I have a choice in any of this stuff my body is doing...so until they become painful enough to breathe through...and fairly regular, my lips shall stay zipped. As I type this little wiggle worm is squirming around like mad...it amazes me that all of this kicking and motion DOESN'T break one's water! It's a pretty amazing mechanism the Lord has created that this "bag" can hold up for 9 months, holding a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight, undergoing kicking and pushing and stretching...all it takes to break it is a tiny pin prick, and yet it doesn't break when a 7lb critter kicks with all his might. Amazing.
I'm going to miss these little wiggles...I do have to say that I enjoy (mostly) being pregnant. There are definite discomforts and downsides (mainly due to the fact that I'm overweight), but this pregnancy has been quite good. I'm achy and tired, but considering I'm about to deliver, I'm doing pretty good. God is so good to me...and I'm so excited about this new chapter in my life, in the lives of my whole family. We have so many new things happening, so many changes...and it will be so fun to see where the Lord leads us.

Alrighty, I need to get some rest, just in case! :)

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