Monday, June 21, 2010

I cannot imagine...

...being more blessed. My sweet children have been SO awesome with the arrival of Aaron. Today Abby said to me, "you know the one thing I DON'T like about having a baby brother? Not having as much time with everyone as before" I assured her that that would change soon and that that was also the one thing I don't love. She just smiled and went along on her merry way.

Tonight at the table Aaron was making cute faces and looking around (he's been VERY sleepy so seeing his eyes is a big deal) and my mom said something about him being a happy baby. Luke said, in his sweet little boy voice, "I'm a happy baby!" and he smiled really big--enough to melt my heart. He is SUCH a sweet little boy...he has really gone with the flow with all of the craziness of having a new baby. These children are incredible...the girls are SO helpful, Luke is so sweet...Aaron is such a blessing. What a blessed mommy I am!

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