Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peeing like a race....what?

Yesterday I took Luke to the bathroom and while he was peeing he said, "WOW! I'm peeing like a race cow!" Hahahaha...he's so funny. He caught himself right after that and said "No, race HORSE", but it was just so cute. There is a song on this television show that says, "Don't leave us on the ground, that's no GOOD" and Luke accidentally changed the words while he was singing to "Don't leave us on the ground, that's no FAIR". Hahahaha...I love the cute little things that little guys come up with.

Today he wouldn't take a nap, I have no idea why. He hasn't had a nap in 3 days now, and he was SO tired yesterday I thought for SURE he'd crash today...but no, he just lay there in his bed, singing quietly to himself for a good half hour or so. I was able to rest my eyes and body for a short time, so I let the girls go visit him in his room, I don't think he would have fallen asleep and even if he did, it would have been too late anyway.

Yesterday we picked the girls up from camp. They had a wonderful time (both of them are fighting cooties now though, but I think it may be stuff they were exposed to BEFORE they went to camp--sore throats and stuffy noses, no big deal, just enough to know they're not 100%) but both of them agreed that they do not want to go back next year because it was too tiring! Abby said, "They MAKE you stay up until MIDNIGHT!". Abby is a sleeper anyway, so not getting her beauty rest is devastating to her. Last night she yelled out in her sleep, "MATTHEW...", apparently they really drilled those bible verses into them during camp! Hahaha.

Abby and her cabin leader also both got sick. They think they may have eaten something not so great, and they both threw up, but by the time we got to camp, Abby was running around like a whatever it was, passed quickly, praise God.

Savannah won a juggling contest and she also earned the "Jolly Roger" for being the best sport in the cabin. I'm so proud of my sweet little girl. I know I can always count on her to be one of the easiest, sweetest and calmest children in the group.

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