Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost a tooth!

All of my children have been late teethers. I've always thought they were teething from a much younger age than they probably were, but what do I know?!?! Aaron went through a stage not too long ago where he had a low grade fever, runny poop, runny nose, drooling like crazy, etc. I thought for SURE it was teething and was surprised that he was going through it so "early". Well, a month + passed and still no teeth, I should have known better. Well, now I can TRULY say we're ALMOST there! I can SEE his tooth, but I can't feel it I'm guessing it's just covered by the smallest amount of gum still, but it's ALMOST here! It's the bottom right tooth and I can almost see the bottom left one as well. It's very exciting to think that we're almost there and my big guy will be entering a new stage of tooth-full ness. :) I told my girls the other day that Aaron was not going to be a gummy baby anymore and they were kinda sad, but I reminded them that VERY soon we'll have a gummy girl and not to worry. I'd take pictures, but I can barely get a glimpse of it in real life, let alone with a camera. Hopefully one of these days soon!

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