Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If ever there were a time...

...that I wished one of my children was more like another one, this is the time.
Aaron was up at 5:20am this morning (yesterday he was up at 6:15). I put him down for his nap at around 10am (his normal nap time) and he slept for MAYBE an hour. He woke crying and had a big burp--okay, I can't say that I blame him, but he can sit up, burp, and go back to sleep. So he's yawning and yawning and yawning...I tried to put him down again and it was a no go. So here we are, it's around 1:30pm and, although he's happy enough, he's still yawning and could really use a good nap.

MEANWHILE, Luke went to bed last night without a hitch. Yes, I know, he's 4 AND he still takes a paci, but go with me here. He slept in until 7:30ish (which is rather early for him, but it doesn't help that EVERYONE was up early due to a baby crying very early this morning). So Luke is playing and decides that he's really tired. I said, "Fine, go take a nap". So what does he do?? He goes and takes a nap! A 2-hour nap. He puts himself to bed. I went up there to check on him and he's all cozy with a blankie under his head, his stuffed animal under his arm and his paci in his mouth. The covers were over him and he looked so peaceful. I really, really wished I was him for a moment! After 2 hours, I sent Savannah to go wake him up...he does NOT wake up nicely, so it took him about 15 minutes or so to finally come downstairs. The point is, not only is he fantastic about sleeping NOW, he has ALWAYS been a fantastic sleeper. When Luke was born, he slept for 4 hours at a shot in the HOSPITAL. He went straight to his own crib in his own room and slept thru the night at 10 weeks old. Yes, he had his little sleep disturbances, but all in all, he has always been an excellent sleeper...nights AND naps.

I'm not asking for a whole lot with Aaron...I rock/bottle him to sleep, I burp him, I snuggle him...I don't generally let him cry. I know that this could be PART of the problem, but, I've mentioned before, he's only going to be my baby for such a short time, I'll deal with the problem when I HAVE to...for now I'm trying to enjoy every snuggle and sleepy-baby-in-my-arms moment I can get. Thankfully, Aaron is absolutely ADORABLE. Like, really, really, REALLY cute. Not only is he SUPER handsome, but he has SUCH a cute personality too...he's super interactive and chatty...he makes all the right baby noises at the right times, so really, it does make up for his lack of perfection in the sleep department...unfortunately, baby giggles and smiles and all the "Mama's" in the world do NOT give my body the rest it is so in need of right now. I know God has a plan through all of this, I know He will not give me more than I can handle, and I KNOW I'm getting all of the rest I NEED (all I'd LIKE would be good from time to time though). I also know this is a "season" and "this too shall pass", but those thoughts don't really help in the moment. I have to trust in Him and cast all of my cares on Him, but it's a struggle. I know that one day I'll look back at these times as some of the sweetest moments of my life...and they truly are. They're just VERY, very exhausting.

See how cute?!?!

Eeewwww, I just noticed how dirty my dishwasher is! Don't mind that! :)

**EDITED TO ADD: Afternoon nap was approximately 10-15 minutes long...horray!**

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