Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Cuteness.

The other day I was ironing Jeremy's uniform. I don't particularly care for ironing, but if I don't do it, he has to do it...usually on Sunday evening, our last few minutes together before the work week starts. So I was in the bathroom ironing and Savannah came in the house and asked me if she could do something. I told her no, she begged. I said, "NO. Do not ask me again when I've said NO!". She got a stinky look on her face and said, "Are you just being mean because you're ironing???", I really meant NO, but hmmm...there may be something to that. There's a good reason I avoid makes me "mean"!!

A certain member of our extended family is convinced that the world is ending on May 21, just over a month. Savannah saw something at his house and it kinda made her upset. You know how children are...they want to live their lives, have their children, etc. So she's NOT happy that he thinks that Jesus is coming. I keep trying to tell her, no matter WHEN He comes, we'll all be THRILLED when it happens, but you know, children are children. So anyway, the other day she was looking through the calendar for special dates...she turned to May and looked at me and said, "Hmmm...the end of the world isn't on here!" Weird! :)

Today I let the children watch a movie. It's been really windy and pretty chilly outside...and I NEEDED a nap today. It's not that they won't LET me sleep if they don't watch a movie, it's just that the sound of the TV puts me RIGHT to sleep, keeps them entertained and gives me a way of measuring whether I slept or not--if there is a movie playing and I don't remember what happened, I must have dozed off. I'm not a huge napper, I just need to make it to sleepy-town for a few moments and I'm good to go. Anyway, Luke was watching the beginning of the movie and it said, "D-V-D". Luke says, "D-V-D....that spells DVD!" Hehehe...he's so cute. Yes, Lukie...D-V-D DOES spell DVD! He then proceeded to run to the dining room and write "DVD" on the white board. He informed me that even though the "V" looks a bit like a "U", it is in fact a "V".

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