Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shutting it down...

April 18th through the 24th is "Screen Free Week", an effort to get people to shut off the "screens" we plant ourselves in front of, some of us practically all day long. Yes, I'm guilty of this. Although I don't have a cell phone, we don't have television service (we DO have a tv), my children play on the computer, they watch movies on the weekend and they love playing wii on the weekends as well. To be totally honest, although I like my computer time, all of the time that is spent by my family, not to mention the AVERAGE American is sickening to me. I'd venture to guess that we spend way less time than average, but even so, it's too much. So, we're going to take this challenge. Starting tomorrow, there will be no TV, no computer and no iPhones! My children are totally hooked on iPhone games and whenever they're around people who HAVE iPhones, that's all they want to do. So we're going to be faced with that this weekend as our family gets together for Easter, and it will be a challenge...but I think we can do it! The one thing I'm going to struggle with is turning on Baby Einstein for Aaron. Sometimes when I need to get things done, especially school work, Baby Einstein entertains him like nothing else and it lends me a free moment or two. So that will be my struggle. Not using the computer will be a challenge as well because I use it for so much, it's so easy to look up this or google that and before you know it, you've been online for an hour! My children use the computer for their math, so either we're going to have to do something different, or we'll have to make an exception. Right now I'm leaning heavily toward doing something different.

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