Monday, May 9, 2011

9 Years Ago Tonight

I was admitted to the hospital at Travis AFB. I was getting ready for an induction (but had to wait until ER was over because it was the night that Dr. Green died of brain cancer and everyone wanted to watch it before they started the induction--me included). My parents, sister and brother were all there. I was so excited and so oblivious to the way my life would change in just over 12 hours. Jeremy was in Brunei, half a world away and I missed him so much. I wanted him to be there more than anything, but it wasn't going to happen.

I cannot believe it's been 9 years! Savannah is such a big girl, so sweet, so wonderful, such a fantastic helper. She has a heart of gold and a willingness to help, almost always. She is generally a very up-beat person, generally a peace maker and an all around joy. I feel so blessed that the Lord would entrust a soul like her's to us to raise for His glory. I know I've failed in so many ways already, but by His grace and His grace alone, she is STILL being formed into a godly, beautiful, precious child of His. My prayer for this next year is that she would grow closer to Jesus...that she would truly KNOW Him, desire Him and love Him with all of her heart, her soul and her mind and strength. She recently asked for me to pray with her to be saved and I pray that that commitment would be a powerful, all-consuming one in her life...that she would commit herself and her entire life to serving our Master. I love Savannah so much, she is such a blessing and I'm so excited to be able to celebrate 9 wonderful years with her tomorrow! :) Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of Savannah!

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