Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I need a companion.

I remember thinking this (and perhaps even blogging it) a year ago at this time. A heavily pregnant woman should have a person designated to her for her pleasure--to serve her and to keep her company. I have my husband home for 2 weeks and although he wasn't at my beck and call (completely!), it was so nice to have him around. Now that he's back to work, I miss his company...and his help. I was telling him last night that before his leave, I was doing just fine, but after him being home for 2 weeks, I no longer feel capable of doing all of this on my own. I know that I am, but seriously, the last days/weeks of waiting for a baby--along with all of the bigness and soreness and all that goes with it, are so difficult to sit and wait through. It would be so nice to have someone (my MOMMY would be great! Or my sister!), just to be here with me. As it is, the day is rainy and dreary...we cannot go outside and I don't feel like doing anything anyway...and it makes the days drag. I've already taken a nap...and honestly, I could probably easily go back to sleep again if given the opportunity!

But alas, that's living in dream land...it's back to reality. Time to wake the baby, correct and continue school work and just enjoy my children.

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