Monday, May 9, 2011

I think I might go crazy!

Yes, I do. I really, really do. I feel like today I've been walking around circles, doing nothing but picking up after children. The other day, the day Savannah had her birthday party, in lieu of a pinata or some other fun thing, the children spent the afternoon chasing and eventually catching a parakeet. Yes, they caught a parakeet. What a strange thing, but I jest not. So now we've got ourselves a pet parakeet. She's cute, she's pretty...she's EXTREMELY annoying!!! You see, the thing that got her into OUR house in the first place is that her wings are not clipped. So now it's become a multiple time a day thing that I hear "whoops!" and hear feathers flapping and exuberant chirping. "Polly escaped again!". Oh horray! That's just what I wanted to spend the next 2 hours doing. Laundry can wait, school can wait, heavens, it's not like my floor needs to be vacuumed. Let's spend the next 2 hours trying to catch a bird as it flies around my living room, pooping on everything in creation. Yes, that sounds like what I had planned for the day. I just watched a youtube video on how to clip the wings, but it kinda scares me, as much as she annoys me, I do not want to hurt her. It looks pretty straight forward, but still a bit nerve-wracking. I may make Jeremy do it. So, we FINALLY caught her, got her back into the cage and I walk into the kitchen to Aaron, blissfully digging through the garbage can. He's got garbage everywhere...and of COURSE, his FAVORITE thing to get into is the coffee grounds (in this case it was a coffee filter full of herbal tea). So now I get to spend the NEXT hour wrestling down a strong, opinionated baby and getting the tea out of his hands, hair, feet, etc. and then bend over and sweep it all up...because God knows, there is NOTHING I LOVE more at this point in pregnancy than bending over. Lord give me patience!!!!
I love the quote from Phyllis Diller, "Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing."
Soooooooo true! Unfortunately, you can't get a whole lot done with a thousand feet of snow covering your walk, so cleaning MUST still be's just completely pointless.

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