Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today's Blunders

Just wanted to note these things.
Poor Aaron, it's hard to be the baby with 3 older siblings. Today I told Luke SPECIFICALLY not to dump sand on Aaron in the sand box because he did it yesterday and it made a mess. Aaron didn't care, but Jeremy had to change a VERY sandy diaper and bathe a very sandy boy. So Aaron and Luke are playing together so sweetly--it's SO cute to see my two boys playing together with trucks in the sand box. There is just something about seeing boys being boys...and making boy noises. I just love it. So all of a sudden, Luke says, "Mommy, look at Sand Guy!" I look over and Aaron is COVERED with sand. When I say covered, I mean absolutely his hair was GREY! Yesterday it was just a small amount, this was a good quart + of sand. *sigh* Poor Aaron...again, he didn't seem to care, but he was SO dirty and dusty and yucky. It took Jeremy like 6 q-tips to get all of the sand out of his ears this evening. UGGGHHHH...LUKE!!! Yes, he got in trouble for that! What in the world was he thinking?!?!?

Then later Aaron was finished with his dinner, he had had a little popsicle (which he LOVES) and was sitting on Jeremy's lap when Savannah came in with HER popsicle. She is such a sweet girl with a heart of gold and she just wanted to share her popsicle with her baby brother. She gave him a lick before she had even had one of her own yet, but it STUCK to his lips. Poor girl, she didn't know any better, so she just pulled it off...OH NO!!!! It still makes me sick to think of know that feeling that I bet ANY Mommy feels when her child is hurt...he started SCREAMING. She started crying and saying, "I'm sorry, Aaron....I'm SO sorry!" Of course she didn't mean to, but she ripped a ton of skin off of his lips and they were bleeding like crazy. was SO sad!! I don't know who I felt worse for, her or Aaron. He got over it pretty quickly, but I know she felt SO incredibly bad for hurting her brother and I felt SO bad for her because she was only trying to be a sweetie and share with her baby...and she ended up hurting him. So sad. Those are the moments as a mommy (and a very pregnant one at that) that bring tears to my eyes. I could have broken down and cried with her I felt so bad.

So those are today's major blunders...there were many, many more small ones...lots of frustrations and loss of patience (from them AND me--mostly me). I did NOT sleep well last night at back has been SO sore. It feels like Lilah is sitting RIGHT on top of my tail bone. I looked back at my blog from this point in my pregnancy with Aaron and I was having issues with my tail bone at this point as feels like I need my hips/back realigned. I keep trying to crack my back and it's just not working. I'm so physically tired...not so much sleepy tired right now as it is just achey tired. I have so many things to do and most of them involve standing, which is becoming more and more uncomfortable. I have one, 20lb box of apples left to make into applesauce...I've preserved 160lbs of apples thus far (please don't ask what in the WORLD I was thinking, I have no idea, other than the fact that they were cheap, cheap, cheap and I couldn't pass it up!) I'm so ready to just sit. I want a big, comfortable chair and I just want to sit...actually, no...I just want to lie down and stay that way for a while. Sadly, it wouldn't last because I have to use the potty every 20 seconds these days. Oh pregnancy...lovely, lovely pregnancy. I have to try not to complain, I definitely don't HATE being pregnant...I generally love it, but these last couple of weeks are SO wearing. My body is SO sore. I'm still not sure if I'd rather feel this way for longer or have a newborn...I'm not sure which one scares me the most...thankfully, I have NOTHING to say about it. I was just talking to Jeremy tonight though about women of ages past...I have it SO good...and yet it is quite difficult...I can't even imagine how rough their lives were!

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