Friday, May 6, 2011

Not So Lucky

This morning didn't work out as I had planned. Aaron awoke at 5:45 and Jeremy went to give him his bottle since he was getting up for work anyway. Aaron was NOT having it. I went in, in hopes of making it work. Nope. No go. He screamed and screamed until I picked him up. It's really hard to let him cry at that time of day when I've got other children who need to sleep. I know it may eventually come to that, in fact, it WILL come to that if he doesn't just deal with it. Now by 6:45 he's yawning and yawning and looks super tired--hmmmm, I wonder why?!?! Little stinker. I really could have used another hour or so of sleep, I'm rather sleepy too! Oh win some, you lose some.

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