Sunday, March 25, 2007

Am I Just Being Neurotic?

Do you see the time? It's 2:42am!
I was awakened twice tonight with pretty strong contractions. After the last one, I haven't been able to fall back to sleep. Then I started thinking that perhaps I'm just hungry...dinner tonight wasn't particularly substantial. I'm now downstairs having a this time?!?! They say there's a first time for everything...but as I sit here, I'm not sure I'm just hungry. My stomach is very crampy, gurgly, uncomfortable. I'm debating whether I should just try to go back to sleep, or if I should call my parents...afterall, they've got 2 hours or so before they'd be here. Oh dear, what to do. I'd feel really stupid if I call them at this hour for NOTHING, but how do I know if this is anything worth calling about? I'm feeling anxious, sweaty palms and all...even though I've had 2 babies, I've never done this whole natural labor thing, I'm not sure I like the uncertainty!
Okay 2:46am--nice, strong contraction...nothing too painful, but definitely something to make me pay attention. Do I call, do I wait? I have no idea! I guess I'll sit here a while longer and see how things go...then I'll make the decision!
Well I'm still having somewhat significant discomfort...went to the bathroom and I've got a bloody I called my parents and they're on their way...oh boy, this is going to be fun!!

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