Sunday, March 25, 2007


My parents got here at 5am...Erik was here earlier than that...and then nothing. The contractions stopped, I went to sleep...*sigh*. How very disappointing. I was so certain there was SOMETHING going on...well, there HAS to be SOMETHING going on, because this isn't just "normal" stuff...but who knows when it will lead to our sweet little baby. Although it's very nice to have my parents and Erik here, I didn't want to call them prematurely...and now I feel very dumb. My mom and I will go out walking shortly...even though I'm very tired...I think I slept about 4 hours last night. I'm really hoping the contractions start up again and actually do SOMETHING. I guess I can't say they didn't do anything...I'm having trouble walking now because Luke is SOOOOOO low. It's much more uncomfortable/painful than it's been before...and with the bleeding, I know that something will come of it soon. I just hope it's sooner than mom has already told me she needs to leave tomorrow. UGGGHHHH....COME ON BABY LUKE!!!

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