Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Baby Luke is HERE!!!

Luke arrived on March 25th at 9:18pm. He is the sweetest, most wonderful little boy EVER!! I know that this is subject to change, but he is absolute ANGEL so far. He took to nursing IMMEDIATELY and nurses like an expert. He hasn't had any problems latching on and he just nurses away, and when he's done, he's done. Both of my girls seemed to mess around a bit, not really getting down to business, but when Luke is nursing, he's on a mission! It's really wonderful. I'm trying to decide how much information I really want to share on this blog since I'm still not sure exactly who reads if you come across any information that's a bit much, just don't read it, okay? I want to use this as a forum to use to remember all of the details of this time of our lives, so there may be some details that are meant for my own records, but if you're interested, I suppose I'm not too shy to share.

Here's my birth story:
As you can see from the previous post, I thought for sure Luke was on his way, but after walking and hoping and more walking, nothing picked up again. We were all a bit bored I suppose...after all that excitement and then nothing, so we decided to take a trip down to the hospital to have them check me and see how Luke was doing. They monitored me, monitored Luke and did and ultrasound. Everything was fine, I was about 3cm dialated, 80% effaced and was having some regular contractions, but nothing too strong. His heartbeat was a bit high at times, but nothing worth worrying about. My doctor, Dr. Kunhardt called and asked if I wanted to be induced. It was a bit of a tough decision only because of the fact that the girls were there and I was looking at them, thinking that this was it, no more mommy of my girls and only my girls; my time was now going to be spread among 3 children and it was a bit emotional for me. Of course I started crying and Savannah got a bit upset, Abby asked me why my eyes were "leaking". I told the doctor we would go ahead because I was tired of the waiting and guessing. They gave me antibiotics for the Group B Strep via IV, gave me pitocin and moved me into the big L&D room. Jeremy was home for a quick nap and the nurses came in and started the pitocin. This was just after 5pm. Contractions were starting slowly, nothing too bad. We called Jeremy and let him know he should come, just to be sure he'd be there. I had no idea how long it'd take, especially since the contractions were starting off fairly slow...but I knew that Abby was only 4.5 hours of labor, so I didn't want things to go too fast and have him miss it.
Jeremy arrived around 6pm with some dinner from McDonalds (yum) and shortly thereafter, the nurse came in as I was eating and saw me breathing through the contractions (they were getting stronger by this point), and told me I had to stop eating. DARN! If only Jeremy had gotten there about 10 minutes earlier! Oh well.
It didn't take long before the contractions started getting extremely intense.
Not only were they massively painful, they were coming about 20-30 seconds apart, which didn't give me a break at all. It was by far the most painful thing I've ever experienced, much moreso than my labor with the girls. Thankfully the nurses came in (one nurse (Jennifer), one student (Vanessa)) and I told them I needed to be checked because the pain was overwhelming and either I was in transition OR I had suddenly become a wimp and NEEDED pain meds. She checked me and said I was at 5cm. I couldn't believe that's all I was dialated. I knew there had to be something else going on. In retrospect, this happened with both of my other labors, I went from 5cm to 10 in a matter of yes, I was in transition (the most painful part of labor). They called the anestheologist and then they "made" me wait until they got an entire bag of IV fluids into me...that takes WAY too long when you're in pain AND the fluids are going in through your hand that must be positioned correctly in order to get the fluids in. I felt like they were teasing me because they told me the doctor was waiting outside, but we were waiting on the fluids. UGGGHHH!! I kept saying, "HURRY UP!!!". I was so frustrated because it hurt SO bad, I couldn't even open my eyes! My mom and Jeremy and Vanessa were wonderful, holding my hand and massaging my shoulders and all...but it still hurt so bad. Finally I was ready to get the epidural--which is the most uncomfortable thing when you're having unceasing contractions. But OH was it heavenly when it finally took! FINALLY I was able to open my eyes, talk again and be me! It's amazing the difference a couple of minutes made. Just a moment after getting the epidural, my blood pressure started dropping. The nurse made me very anxious when she said, "Systolic is in the 30's, lie down and get on your side". Oh boy! It really scared me. I was getting all tingly from my ear down my entire right side and when I told the doctor that all he said was, "Hmmm...interesting!". Oh geez, that's not what I wanted to hear. So here I was, thinking what a fool I was for opting for pain relief because now I'm going to die. Then I snapped out of it and told myself, "OH NO, you've got 2 precious children at home and one on the way...that will NOT be happening!". And my blood pressure went back up into the 50's and all was well. Meanwhile, I could feel INTENSE pressure and I knew Luke was on his way out. I told the nurses..."LOTS of pressure, baby is on his way!". They checked me and sure enough, it was time. They called the doctor and we waited. The doctor lives right around the corner, but it seemed like it took him a while! I guess doctors aren't too used to babies just coming on their own. So the nurses were getting everything ready and I kept saying, "He's COMING, I can feel him moving down...lower and lower". Finally the doctor walked in and looked and said, "Oh, there's a baby there!". He threw his gown on and had a bit of trouble finding gloves in his size, but finally he was ready; So was Luke. I pushed a couple of times and Luke was right there, but I had some scar tissue from the previous births and it just wasn't stretching. I was pushing against it, but it was really painful. Finally the doctor cut me and Luke came right out. He had his hand up by his face and he had the cord around his neck, but it didn't cause any problems. He came out wriggling and was sucking on his hand immediately. They got him on my chest and I finally got to see my precious little baby boy! Yes, he was definitely a boy. So Luke Jeremy Troyer came into this world at 9:18pm on March 25th. He was 7lbs 12oz and 20inches long. Since he was sucking on his hand so much, I was able to "try" to nurse him and he latched on PERFECTLY immediately. The entire labor and delivery was 4 hours (if that) from start to finish. It was quite the whirlwind and went really, really well. The girls were on the phone when Luke was born, so they got to hear his first cries. I think that was very special! So there is the story of how Luke came into this world. There are so many other things I want to share, but it's taken me days just to get this written. I'll be updating more as I find time.

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