Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just a quick update...

It's Saturday and my girls are coming back home.
My parents took the girls for a few days (dad came down on Tuesday and took the girls home on Wednesday). It's been a WONDERFUL break as I don't seem to be capable of doing much these days. I've been so tired and sore and finally ready to have this baby and move on with things. Of course, I have absolutely no say in when that will happen...but I hope it's soon! Jeremy wants me to hold out until the 24th so that he doesn't have to leave his school. Of course...leave it to a man to want you to go past your due date. Anyway, if I do go past, I'm scheduled to be induced on the 24th...if the hospital is not too busy, etc. I'd really, really prefer to go into labor naturally, but we'll see how it all goes. Jeremy and I have been enjoying our time doing what we want, when we want...but in all honesty, it's not that exciting...just easier. We both wonder what in the world we'd do if we didn't have any children. Jeremy told me yesterday, "I wonder how much time would pass before I'd 'make' you go get a job"! Hahaha...I said, "Probably not much...I'd be SO BORED!". It is nice to get the house in shape--a bit at least, I'm definitely not in the position to do any hard core cleaning. I've been resting a LOT. I wish I had batteries I could store up energy in in preparation. Lukes room is done, clothes are folded, my hospital bag is packed. Those are the main things I wanted done. Today I get my hair done, get the carseat put back together and prepare to be mommy again. When I spoke to my parents last night, Abby was throwing up. So not only do I get to be mommy again, I get to be mommy to a little sickie. Poor baby. Please keep her in your prayers. I'm's time to go to the salon.

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