Saturday, March 17, 2007

Today was a Good Day!

Well today was fun filled and action packed! We had a great day! The day started at 7:45am when Abby woke up (why do children ALWAYS sleep in on the mornings you have to get up early?). I had been awake off and on because there is no way I can go longer than 3 hours without a potty break these days...but little sweet one came walking in our room, smiley and adorable (she's SO cute when she's just awakened, her hair is all fluffy and curly and she's always bright-eyed). I went downstairs with her and got her milk and snuggled her on the sofa while we watched Talking Letter Factory (a movie I cannot recommend enough! She now knows all the letters and all of their sounds at 3 years, 4 months old). Anyway, I'll make this quicker (Jeremy is waiting for me to watch a movie with him). We all got up, got ready and went to Rancho Cordova for Nicole's birthday party (Nicole is Jeremy's brothers future step-daughter--she's just a month and a half older than Savannah). The party was at Pump It Up. It's a big warehouse with a bunch of bounce houses and stuff. It was incredibly fun. The kids (and the big kids ie: Jeremy, Steve and Mark) had a great time. The girls were so sweaty from all the running, climbing and jumping they had done--I'll attach pictures SOON! Then we had the party and left for home. The drive was great, the girls were excellent...the weather was beautiful and the hills could not have been more green and lovely. We came home, had a rest--everyone rested/slept--ahhhhh!! Then we filled up the pool and the girls went swimming. It was a bit chilly for swimming in my opinion, but you know how kids are! They were little popsicles though by the time they were done. Then my WONDERFUL husband cooked dinner while I sat outside and chatted with our neighbor. She said it looked as if my belly had "dropped". I told her I felt as if it had too because all of a sudden I'm feeling much more pressure in my pelvis. We'll see if that means anything. So that was the day in a nutshell. It was good, fulfilling and all around happy and enjoyable. Praise God...He is so good. I've really been enjoying these past couple of days as I prepare to be mommy of one more child. I know that this change is going to be wonderful, but I think there's always that little fear of it being different...not necessarily worse, but not being able to give your all to your children you already it's really been a blessing to have these beautiful, fun days with the girls and really appreciate them for who they are. They really are special, beautiful little blessings.
The girls gave me a huge smile before bathtime. I heard them playing together in the living room as I was cleaning the kitchen up and I went in and they were snuggled up together on the love seat, Savannah had put her fuzzy slippers on Abby's feet...and they were sitting there together, cute as can be, loving on eachother...but they told me that I could not take a picture because they'd "dissolve". So I had to just savor the moment for myself--then call Jeremy down to look--and send them on their bathtime ways. It was a very precious little moment.
Okay, I'm off to watch a movie! :)

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