Saturday, March 24, 2007

Officially Overdue.

Well my due date (March 23rd) came and went without much ado. Technically I was due on the 20th, according to my calculations, but the ultrasound date was a bit further ahead and my doctor set the date for the 23rd.
Yesterday we went to the park with Liza and the boys and did all the normal friday stuff we do. Last night I was having some more consistent contractions (still about 15-20 minutes apart, and only a couple of contractions total) and I was getting a bit hopeful. But alas...I went to bed and nothing came of it. I'm guessing this little guy is getting lower and lower though because I had to get up to potty 4x last night--talk about frustrating! And I'm MUCH more uncomfortable walking now. My mom, Jeremy and Karen (MIL) all said I'd go into labor today, Erik guesses tomorrow and my dad and Michelle (best friend) guess monday. So we'll see. I just hope it's soon. I'm driving myself batty WONDERING!! I think Jeremy is getting a bit nervous. He doesn't like the uncertainty of not knowing WHEN it's going to happen, and I think he's a bit nervous not knowing exactly how I'm feeling. Every time I sigh or grab my belly or whatnot, he asks, "Do we need to go to the hospital?" Although I do have to admit, that's the same question he asks Abby whenever she hurts herself and fusses a bit more than she should.
It's so funny though how you get to the end of a pregnancy and everyone treats you like you're in control of WHEN you go into labor. Everyone feels the "right" to recommend certain days over others, suggest what TIME of day would work better, etc.
It cracks me up! Erik guessed the 25th (tomorrow) and then says NOT to go into labor that day because he's got some golf to play. My mom says today would be perfect--or tomorrow or monday, actually--because she's got a busy work week next week. Jeremy concurs because he's supposed to go back to work monday, but he'd rather not have to. Not to mention there would be that suspense all day, wondering if I'm going to call him and need him to come home--not to mention a bit more stress added to my day not knowing how quickly he'll be able to get home! I'm still happy that I decided against being induced today, but boy would that have been much more convenient for everyone!! Not to mention how cool would it be to have the first Grandson on grandpa Jonathan's birthday??? I guess there is still time. Whoever said that having a child is convenient anyway?? If we were doing this simply for convenience sake, boy would we be ignorant!
Don't worry, updates will follow...and I'll be posting pictures soon too, I'm waiting for Jeremy to install some image editing software first--I seem to have lost my aptitude for computers since getting brain is being utilized elsewhere I suppose! At least I hope!

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