Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Difference Between Men and Women

There was MUCH more to this conversation...including how he would sleep in and how I'd be awake all night with either contractions or Aaron...or just not able to sleep due to my pregnancy mass and discomfort...all of which came true. For every 1 good night I have these days, I have about 4 HORRIBLE nights.

Jeremy: "what are you doing tomorrow?"
ME: "taking 4 children to the OB with me to have a pelvic exam and hopefully have my membranes stripped"
"How about you?"
Jeremy: "in lieu of going to work, I get to go to a going away bbq, drink beer, ya know...all in a day's work".

Hmmmm...I'm trying NOT to be jealous. I really wish he could just stay home so I could go to the ob ALONE!


~*~Janelle~*~ said...

I added in the beer part for effect, he didn't ACTUALLY throw that in...I think he was trying to keep me from losing it completely! Bless his heart!

Jennie Bolen said...

Um, I think I would probably have to set him strait on that one. Then again, I have been dealing with my husband working 7 days a week for over a month now. Which really, poor guy cause he's completely exhausted. I'm sorry Janelle, I know exactly how you feel, I brought all mine to the appt.s as well. Hopefully the two girls can help you. Good luck, you're in my thoughts. <3