Friday, June 3, 2011

I AM going crazy!

As I said before, the closer to my due date I get, the more I cannot believe that I'm having a baby at all. All day long, I go between "no way, I'm having a baby?? Soon???" and "Oh for heaven's sake already...let's HAVE THIS BABY ALREADY!!!". I think maybe it's because although my due date is in less than 3 days, I know that I tend to go overdue and the fact of the matter is that I could very well be pregnant 2 weeks from now (I SURE hope not).

Today I took the children out to the toy store to buy them some Playmobil they had wanted to spend their allowance on. I was feeling particularly guilty, not only because we haven't done much fun stuff lately (the weather has NOT been cooperating AND I don't feel well), but I've also been quite the beast of a mommy. I'm not very nice these days. Really, I'm probably one of the most unpleasant people to be around--ever. Having a whiney baby and older children that seem to be doing their best to test my patience doesn't help either. Top it all off with the general discomfort of pregnancy and I'm just a bear.

I've been having some contractions here and there and I'm trying not to get my hopes up TOO much, but I thought I had better do something productive today. So we went to the toy store...I baked cookies, I made pizza from scratch, I scrubbed the front porch, refilled the bird feeder, restocked and cleaned the bathroom, among other things. I want my home to be ready in case we have guests sometime soon. My sister asked if I was having a burst of energy...all I could say was, "I guess 'energy' is all relative". I certainly didn't FEEL like doing anything...but I want things in order. I'm SO glad Jeremy is off this would be a GREAT time to go into labor.

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