Monday, June 20, 2011

Lilah's first doctor appointment

I took Lilah to the doctor today for her first appointment. She has already gained 3oz over her birth weight--way to go little girl!! She is an amazingly efficient nurser because she really doesn't seem to nurse too much, but if she's gained that much already, that's fantastic! She's also been sleeping pretty well. The past 3 nights she's done a good 3 hours of sleep in her own crib--in our room. She'll wake up, nurse and usually I wake up a couple of hours later and we've both been snoozin' for a while. So far she's a wonderful baby. I still consider that she's only 5 days old and a lot can change when she starts to wake up more...but for now I'm enjoying the fact that she seems to be a WONDERFUL, easy baby. I can only pray that it continues as I need God's grace as much as possible to get through these next few weeks of adjustment and sleep training of Aaron. We're going to give him a little while longer to get used to having his life disrupted and then we're going to work on getting him used to sleeping on his own...because there is no way I can do this when Jeremy goes back to work. But I praise God for the fact that he's been home and able to care for Aaron during the night so that I can get the rest I need (as much as one can rest with a newborn).

That's all I can manage for now...Lilah is waking up (after a nice, long snooze in her swing) and I'm sure she's hungry...and I KNOW she has a very, very full diaper--I can hear her working on it from here! :)

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