Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update on the never-ending pregnancy.

So, here I am--9 days overdue and STILL pregnant. We've tried nearly everything to induce this baby naturally as I really, really wanted to go into labor naturally, but this baby is happy as can be in my tummy and shows no signs (well, other than lots of contractions and a few other tell-tale signs that labor is impending) of coming any time soon. I thought that if I just waited, eventually it was bound to happen. I guess there is no real "reason" for her to be born--just because I'm uncomfortable and want to meet her and want to start life with another baby (the sooner we have her, the sooner we can get used to our new routine. I honestly didn't think that I'd still be pregnant at 9 days past due. I thought that maybe, probably, I'd be a few days overdue and I was okay with that...but as the days have gone on and I've had so many sleepless nights due to intense contractions that lead to nothing, I'm having a hard time continuing on in this present state. Yesterday I went into the doctor, he checked me and I'm at he decided that we could schedule an induction for today. I'm not particularly thrilled that I'm being induced on Aaron's birthday, I was really hoping they'd have their own birthdays (although, depending on how long the labor lasts, she still COULD be born tomorrow--but I really hope it doesn't take that long!). I also feel a bit bummed that I'm going to be induced after waiting this long, but as I said...there is only so many sleepless nights one can endure without actually having a newborn baby to care for. If I'm going to be losing sleep, it had better be because I've got a sweet little blessing in my arms!

Last night Aaron had one of his "episodes" of inconsolable crying. He woke up at 11pm and was just screaming and screaming. Jeremy was trying to get him back to sleep, but it just wasn't working. I went in and held him and he continued on. During this, I was having contractions (boy, was that fun!) and thinking, "Oh my goodness, what in the world would I do if I had Lilah right now?!?!" But I know that it will all work out okay in the long run. He finally settled down (I think he does this due to digestive issues and once his tummy is settled, he sleeps just fine). The thought of having another baby is definitely a bit scary to me...but it's also going to happen, no matter we might as well move on with it! So that's that. Today I go to the hospital at noon and hopefully we'll have a very gentle, uneventful induction/delivery.


Cindy said...

Will be praying for you today!!! Have commented much lately but know that you and that sweet family of yours are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Jennie Bolen said...

Well, I sure hope you're holding your bundle of LOVE by now. Can't wait to hear about it and see the pictures. I got to hand it to you, I could have never been that patient and waited an extra 9 days. Then again, my doctor wouldn't let me with the size of my babies and the size of me, but still. You go girl!