Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Life.

At this point, I feel like I'm muddling through my days. I'm too tired to fully engage, I'm too disorganized to really have something of value going on for my children (other than television/video games and/or Playmobil). Thankfully my children are, as all children are, happy to just go with the flow. They definitely thrive on a routine and a schedule, but of course, they think it's great fun when we shirk the routine and play wii all day long instead of accomplishing ANYTHING.

I, however, am not faring so well. I love having a routine, a schedule. I love accomplishing things and keeping my home in order. So when I'm in this position (or condition), I really struggle. I see so many things around me that NEED to be done. My window sills and built in shelves are COVERED with junk. You know all those random do-dads that just build up in corners or any flat surface of the house if not taken care of? Right now there is a ham radio, a cd, a jar of money, a glass bottle with dead flowers, a lid to a sippy cup, a packet of tissues, a pair of scissors, a binocular case, a sock and half of a child's toy on my dining room window sill. The only reason I listed everything on THAT sill is because it's the flat surface that contains the LEAST number of things in my house right now. I've got a few loads of laundry to fold, I don't even want to THINK about what kind of critters are living under my sofa right now. I have a few shelves that are right in arms reach of Aaron, so not only do I find squished watermelon in the construction paper drawer, but it's a full time job to pick up the messes of crayons, playdoh toys, books and binders he's thrown onto the floor. Oh, and did I mention that my pantry does not have the capability of holding all of the weight of my canned goods, so I've got a laundry basket in the corner of my dining room overflowing with canned items...just sitting there, staring at me. Our rat cage stinks to high heaven because the weather hasn't been nice enough to take it outside for a thorough cleaning in over a week...oh, I should probably stop there. Strangely, listing this is not as overwhelming as it is cathartic. As I list these things and think about them, I can see that really, there isn't that much falling apart around me as it feels like there is. Once I can move and bend over again, it won't take long at all to whip everything back into shape--including myself and my children!! :)

Speaking of which, the baby is awake...time to run (or waddle, as the case may be).

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