Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Sling FINALLY Gets Some Action

I bought this wonderful sling last year at the recommendation of my wonderful friend, Faith. She is quite the expert in babywearing and had given me some fantastic tips I was hoping to utilize with Aaron in order to make my life a tad bit easier. Aaron wouldn't have it though. He HATED to be worn. When I'd put him in this sling, he'd arch his back, straighten his legs and scream. I don't know what he hated about it, he just didn't like it. He didn't care for the Moby either...and when I finally dropped the $120 on the Ergo, I was disappointed that he merely humors us with a quick tolerance for it before he decides he wants out and tries to climb out on his own. He tolerates it a lot better for Jeremy or the girls, but he will not let me wear him in it. I guess he prefers the closeness that comes when Mommy holds him and has to do everything with one hand and him precariously perched on my hip. Typical! :) So today I put Lilah in the sling to see what she'd do. She slipped right in...just as I'd seen Faith's baby do. She easily went into the "froggy" position and fell right to sleep. Ahhhh...what a blessing. I threw Aaron on my hip and had both babies in my arms quite easily (other than the fact that Aaron is REALLY heavy!) At least I know I can take them both from one place to another without much difficulty if necessary! And I'm very glad to finally be able to use this rather pricey sling!

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