Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Baby is 1!!!

Happy Birthday, sweet Aaron!!
One year ago, our lives were blessed with the birth of our precious Aaron. This has honestly been the fastest year I've ever experienced--it's been an extremely busy one. First we moved into a new home, we found out we were expecting another baby and life has gone on--very quickly.

Aaron can say a few words...his latest thing is to touch my coffee cup and say in a whisper "HOT!". It doesn't stop him from trying to grab it, but at least he recognizes that it's hot. The other day, he was rubbing my moms leg and apparently she hadn't shaved recently because she thought her leg was "hot" as well! He's just learned to sign (and say, kinda) "all done" when he's done eating. He doesn't consistently talk and say specific words, but he definitely babbles a lot, it's very cute.

He is not walking, but he can push his little cart around like a pro. He also likes to push the step stool--or anything that he can get his hands on and push. He can also stand up spontaneously in the middle of the floor, although he doesn't choose to very often. He hasn't even tried to take a step yet...which is fine with me because I know as soon as he can, the chase is on.

Aaron is very spunky, he's fairly quick-tempered, but also very sweet and snuggly. He has not been my easiest child, but who said that easy is necessarily better?? He is such a wonderful addition to our family...we've been so blessed to have him in our lives for this past year...and today, he will become a BIG brother! :)

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Faith said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! It's amazing how much he really looks like Luke more as he's getting older.
Happy pushing today too my friend:) Can't wait to see pics of sweet Lilah!