Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am SO, so tired.

We had another wonderful weekend. It's always good to have family around and to do things, but I get so easily tired out these days...even WITH extra help around! My parents and my sister came down so we could all go visit my brother and his new baby--and so my children could go ice skating for their cousin's birthday. We made the hour long drive (one way) without any major hitches and enjoyed the day and the company. That tiny baby (who at one week old is still just 6lbs!) just slept and slept and slept and slept. I still don't believe that he even has any eye balls! He's such a cute little thing...I don't think I've ever seen such a tiny baby before, he's quite the little miracle. We drove back that evening with 4 very tired, but happy children. My darling Aaron has been sleeping rather poorly lately, so I've had a few nights in a row now where I sit in his room for 20 or so minutes, giving him a bottle, twice a night. It's getting very old. One of the really big bummers about it as well is that his last waking seems to be RIGHT before I'd normally LIKE to get up, but still too early to be the time I'd REALLY like to be up. So I'm too tired to stay up, but if I go back to sleep, it's so hard to wake up for good 40 minutes later, so I end up sleeping in late. Uggghhh...*breath* this too shall pass. I'm trying to enjoy this journey and enjoy every moment I have with this little guy, even if it IS in the middle of the night. He holds my finger while he drinks his bottle and his sweet little hands are SO soft...his little head is so sweet and fuzzy. He's such a blessing, EVEN in the middle of the night.
Today there were random errands to be run, but while my mom and my sister and I were home with Aaron and Savannah, they helped me fold Mt. Laundry. That was a wonderful blessing. It's not so much that I HATE doing laundry, it's that it just NEVER ends!!! I honestly don't mind it too terribly much, but when I've had company and we've been busy, it tends to back up quite a bit...but with 3 people folding, it went SUPER fast!! I wish I could enlist their help weekly! While we're at it, it'd be great if I had 2 extra people to help me clean the ENTIRE house. One day, when my girls are a bit older I long as I train them properly.
We went to the pet store today and the girls used their allowance to buy their first pet. We've had kitties before, but this is their first pet of their own. They bought a little white rat and named him "Pip Squeak". He's very cute and very friendly. He's going to be their entire responsibility...they have to clean after him, pay for his food and bedding, etc. It should be fun to see how this goes...but honestly, they don't really care about spending their allowance on anything else...other than the occasional ice cream truck goody.
So that's the news for the weekend. I'm SO glad tomorrow is a holiday. It'll be great to have Jeremy home so I can clean up the company aftermath...not to mention that I wasn't prepared for the school week ANYWAY! He also has Wednesday off because we get to go in for my big ultrasound...we're hoping this little one shows us his/her bits! :)
I have done NOTHING in the way of scheduling yet...I'm praying that I can get some stuff done tomorrow since we won't be having school.

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