Thursday, January 13, 2011

Schedule, or lack thereof.

I've always been the type to go against the grain. It's not that I'm a rebel or anything, but I was raised by a father who always tried to find different or creative ways of doing things, as if he were the exception to the rule. I never thought I'd be like him, but man, am I! Last year I went to see the Maxwell Family speak and was inspired to use their Managers of Their Homes system. I went home, created a schedule and was so excited to see my life fall into a routine. Unfortunately, I've always been the kind who likes to PLAN things, but doing them is just so, well, mundane! As my life has gotten increasingly more busy, more complicated and more demanding, I'm realizing that I cannot live without a schedule! Try as I might, every day I don't have a schedule and a system for doing things is a day I reflect on and realize I've missed SOMETHING. Usually it's nothing particularly big, but over time the little things build into bigger things. Of course my house gets clean, the grocery shopping gets done and dinner is always on the table...but it's the things that I dream of doing, the projects, the crafts, the special time with my children that fall by the wayside because of my lack of discipline and lack of a plan. As much as I kick against the idea of having someone (or someTHING) control my life, I realize that I NEED it. Oh do I need it!

So, over the course of the next week, I'm going to work diligently on getting my schedule created (with flexibility, of course), and APPLIED to our lives!!! I look forward to finding the time to do the scrapbooks I've been wanting to start for my children for over a year now...hey, I'd be happy to begin Luke's baby book!! Other things that need to be planned and scheduled is making Aaron's food, organizing photos, organizing my home (we're STILL in the process of moving--it's been about a year and a half since we began). I asked my friend today if it's normal to have boxes of stuff everywhere and she confirmed what I had a sneaking suspicion was, it is not normal. I've got to get moved into my home! The boxes have got to go, the clothes have got to be gone through (I have my ultrasound next week, so that will help a lot of this little one cooperates and we know what to expect in June).

My goal will be to check in here daily (or close) and post what progress has been made. One of the first things I'm going to schedule is a 30 minute chunk of time when Jeremy gets home to tackle a problem area--right now EVERY area is a problem area! There is a lot of work to be done...especially as June approaches...and I have a feeling it's going to arrive a lot more quickly than I'm ready for!

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Tanya said...

Janelle oh I hear you, with 4 little ones there can be so much going on! I've been on a campaign to get my house cleaned out and organized. The organized home blog and org junkie blog (google them) are both awesome places to start. They both post weekly challenges, I figure if I just do the weekly challenges I will get along better than I have been. They have great suggestions too... Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you are having!